Avoid Unexpected Towing Costs by Observing Your Surroundings

Avoid Unexpected Towing Costs by Observing Your Surroundings

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You should always take a minute to observe your surroundings anytime you park.   Just that initial observation can save you hours of trying to get your car back from a car towing service. Adding a few extra coins into a meter can save a lot of time and money by even, better that than numerous dollars getting your car towed.

  1. Checking the signs in your surrounding area to see if you notice any signs stating restrictions on days, time periods or time windows when you can or can’t park.  Be sure to take pictures of signs and other areas if needed to cover you in case of unfair towing practices.
  2. If you are visiting an apartment complex, make sure you don’t park under car covering awnings or other areas reserved for residences.
  3. Don’t park in front of a fire hydrant.
  4. Don’t park in front of driveways or exits of streets, businesses or residences.
  5. Make sure you are paying attention to the curbside paint; red curbs means you can never park there, white means you can stay around 5 minutes to load and unload passengers, green means you can park 10 min or less, yellow means commercial loading and unloading only and blue is reserved for people with disabilities.
  6. If you’re parked by a meter, make sure you add enough money to your meter to cover a realistic time frame for your situation.
  7. If you are having car problems be sure to call a towing company or roadside assistance before a tow truck comes along and tries to tow your car outside of your circumstance.

If you aren’t sure whether you can park on the street stop in and ask a near by business and ask them where valid parking is in the area.  Stay safe and aware and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary towing.

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