professional emergency roadside assistance

Jump Starting Your Car Properly

People experience dead car batteries every day.  A dead battery can set your whole schedule back and certainly put a damper on your mood. While calling for professional emergency roadside assistance may be the safest option, it is possible to attempt a battery recharge or car jump start on your own. With just a set …

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Signs of a Bad Battery

Signs of a Bad Battery How do you know if your car battery is bad? There are numerous indications that your battery might be giving out. Even more than that, there are a number of signs a car battery charger may be needed. When that’s the case, you can rely on Henry’s Towing. Not only …

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Understanding Some Common Car Problems

Understanding Some Common Car Problems There exist two general types of car problems: relatively simple issues that nevertheless lead to roadside breakdowns; and the complex mechanical troubles that can kill a car for good. For the first group, simple maintenance practices on the part of the owner can prevent their occurrence. As for the second group, …

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Roadside Services if you are stranded

Our fleet of trucks is primarily composed of flatbed tow trucks and not the hook and chain that is so common.  Many of our customers prefer having a flatbed truck tow their vehicle because the chance for damage is greatly reduced.  Flatbed trucks are the preferred way for towing motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles too. Roadside …

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