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Jump Starting Your Car Properly

People experience dead car batteries every day.  A dead battery can set your whole schedule back and certainly put a damper on your mood. While calling for professional emergency roadside assistance may be the safest option, it is possible to attempt a battery recharge or car jump start on your own. With just a set …

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Signs of a Bad Battery

Signs of a Bad Battery How do you know if your car battery is bad? There are numerous indications that your battery might be giving out. Even more than that, there are a number of signs a car battery charger may be needed. When that’s the case, you can rely on Henry’s Towing. Not only …

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Understanding Some Common Car Problems

Understanding Some Common Car Problems There exist two general types of car problems: relatively simple issues that nevertheless lead to roadside breakdowns; and the complex mechanical troubles that can kill a car for good. For the first group, simple maintenance practices on the part of the owner can prevent their occurrence. As for the second group, …

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