Getting your Auto Towed After an Accident in Orange COunty

Getting Your Auto Towed After an Accident in Orange County

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Being in a car accident can be a very upsetting, time-consuming and expensive situation. A common expense after an accident is the towing and storage fee. You may be surprised to learn that towing companies require a fee that must be paid in order for your vehicle to be released. But who pays this fee? Henry’s Towing will make sure you are treated fairly. Do you have to pay it even if the wreck wasn’t your fault? Here, we cover the basics of getting your car back after a wreck.

After an accident and before the tow truck arrives, it’s very important that you take photos of the accident (your car, the road, the surrounding areas, the damage to both vehicles, etc.) before either car is moved to a new place. If you believe the accident was the other driver’s fault, you’re going to need to show the insurance company proof, and pictures are the best way to do this. Only after you’ve taken pictures should you allow your vehicle to be moved by a tow truck.

Towing and storage fees can cost a lot, especially if the vehicle is not picked up for more than a day or two. But who pays these fees? Make sure you ask us questions at Henry’s Towing so we can take car of the tow and storage and you pay a fair price or your insurance pays the cost. (714)702-6514)

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